19 Facade2Our Vision

The Winthrop Primary School Community is committed to providing a challenging, innovative and supportive learning environment which gives every student the opportunity to achieve their full potential as an individual and as a member of society.

Our Values

We are committed to Learning, Excellence, Equity and Care which we believe are essential in achieving the best outcome for all students. These values guide our actions and decisions. It is actions, based on these values that are important.

  1. Learning:
    Learning is our focus. We take a positive, innovative and accountable approach to learning and encourage and support it in all students, staff and parents. We value and recognize each child's learning style and individual talents and strive to support their development and achievement.
  2. Excellence:
    We have high expectations of our students and ourselves. We set standards of excellence and strive to achieve them in all areas. The standards and expectations challenge all of us to give our best.
  3. Equity:
    All students have differing circumstances and needs. Our learning environment and workplace is structured to support everyone to learn and grow together.
  4. Care:
    Our relationships are based on trust, respect, acceptance of responsibility and resilience. We recognize the value of working in partnership with parents and the wider community to achieve the highest outcomes for all students.

Principal's Message


Welcome to Winthrop Primary School, an Independent Public School.

I am delighted to be the Principal at Winthrop Primary School and to inspire a love of learning with students, staff and parents.

Winthrop Primary School has a history of academic, musical, sporting and social achievements which have been supported by the commitment and enthusiam of students, staff, parents and the local community.

Our school is enriched by the multicultural background of almost half of our families, the inclusion of students with special needs and gifted and talented students. Our team of 70 talented and experienced staff strive to maximise learning success for all students by providing a quality program which is enhanced by specialist programs and enrichment opportunities.

"Learn and Grow Together' is a school focus. Staff aim to inspire student growth in the academic, physical, artistic and social domains. Our school has a strong focus on providing students with the knowledge, skills and values to create citizens for the future.

Our Business Plan 2015-2017 was developed using the learning and feedback from the 2014 Business Plan Review Process. The Business Plan has a strong focus on academic excellence and social commitment supported by strong levels of professional standards extended through collaboration, professional learning and shared goals.

Winthrop Primary School provides Kindergarten education to students turning four by June 30. The Kindergarten is located on site in the Early Learning Centre. This learning journey continues with the full time Pre-Primary program progressing to Year Six.

Students are also provided with a plethora of unique opportunities including instrumental music, chess, computing and interschool sporting competitions. A highlight for the Year 6 students is the camp that is both educational and memorable.

Parents and Community members play an active role in ensuring students are provided with the best possible learning opportunities. My role is to continue to foster an extended family environment where emphasis is placed upon critical thinking skills, respectful attitude and success for everyone. Adults and children will be valued for their unique individual qualities and contributions.


Mark Wirtz

Our School Partnership empowers parents to be part of the learning.

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