Technical Support & Library:

Cat Crane - Technical Resource Officer

Katy De Caprio - Technical Support Officer

Education Assistants:

Renata Adamson - Education Assistant

Debbie Doody - Education Assistant

Kay Ellis - Education Assistant

Lana Fontana - Education Assistant

Ros Godfrey - Special Needs Education Assistant

Pauline Guest - Education Assistant

Karen March - Education Assistant

Margaret Morgan - Education Assistant

Helen Mountford - Special Needs Education Assistant

Margaret Shiner - Special Needs Education Assistant

Kay Smith - Education Assistant

Carolyn Stephens - Education Assistant

Kyree Wigham - Special Needs Education Assistant


Steve Sherrington

2016 Classroom Teachers:

Nicola Flowers, Chris Freind, Jan Dunlop

Pre Primary:
Wanda Mewett, Lisa Chamberlain, Jeanine Candy, Chris Freind

Year 1:
Katy Moriarty, Rita Radici, Wendy Tweedie, Simon Dufall

Year 1/2:
Nancy Crane, Michele Gartner

Year 2:
Therese Cianfrini, Nicole Holstein, Kathleen McCarthy, Andrea Kurasho, Gail Reed

Year 3:
Kate O'Donovan, Viv Miguel, Leanne Gibson, Dot Davies, Annie Chua

Year 4:
Alison Kelly, Katrina Chillemi, Celeste Dickinson, Liz Davis, Ross Hall

Year 5:
Leeta Cornish, Jenny Cotham, Sue Hartley, Kara-Lee Kirk

Year 6:
Wayne Dickinson, Rhonda Thorncroft, Patrick Sweeny, Lorraine Stagbouer

Specialist Teachers:

English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D):
Maureen O'Neill

Learning Support Coordinator:
Celeste Dickinson

Japanese Language Program:
Ong Sensei

Elizabeth Campbell

Health and Physical Education:
Kerry House

Danielle Smith

Performing Arts
Anna Stanton

Community Links
Jenny Cotham

Principals: Mark Wirtz & Karina Meldrum

Deputy: Karina Meldrum

Deputy: Patrick Sweeny

Deputy: Albert Cianfrini

Business Corporate Manager: Mool Bhargava

Our School Partnership empowers parents to be part of the learning.

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