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46 flute

The Band Programme

Winthrop Primary School offers a dynamic band program for students in Years 5 and 6. The program is organized by the Winthrop Primary School Parents and Citizens Association Band Committee in consultation with the school principal and music teacher.

Instrument Opportu


All students entering Year 5 have the

opportunity to enter the Band Program. Tuition is offered in flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and percussion. No previous instrumental experien

ce is

necessary. There is an expectation that students will commit to continue with the band through to the end of Year 6.

Students commencing at the school in Year 6 may be eligible to joing the Band Program if they have had previous tuition in one of the instruments listed above.

Instrument Tuition

The Band Committee engages instrument teachers to visit the school to provide a weekly half hour lesson in a small group. Lessons are generally conducted during school time or over the lunch break. The instrument teachers liaise with the Band conductor regarding the Band Program and student progress. Tuition fees are paid direclty to the instruments teachers by the parents each term.

Band Training

In addition to instrument tuition students attend a weekly one hour band training session to develop their ensemble skills.

Band Rehearsal times are:

  • Year 5 - Thursday 3.00pm - 4.00 pm
  • Year 6 - Thursday 7.45am - 8.45am

The Band Conductor (Mrs Elizabeth Campbell, the school Music teacher) facilitates this process. A small fee is charged by the Band Committee each semester to cover the costs of the Band Conductor, sheet music, transport to performances, teacher release time, etc.


Our 3 bands play regularly at the school's weekly assembly. In addition they play wih bands from other local primary schools and at a range of events within the local community.


For performances, all bands wear a white polo shirt embroidered with the Winthrop Band logo. For formal occasions the Year 6 Band wears a band uniform consisting of long sleeved white shirt with the band logo, black pants, and a green cummerbund and bow tie.

Further information

For further information about the Band Program, please contact the school's music teacher on 9310 6100



Welcome parents of 2018

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2018 Parent Information

Photo Upload Information

Kindy Photo Request

Media Consent Form - Required ASAP.


The Committee 

The Graduation Committee is a subsidiary of the P&C and is made up of a number of very enthusiastic Year 6 parents. The Committee is responsible for coordinating a number of events and activities for the graduating Year 6 class. This includes, but is not restricted to: 

· Leavers shirts 

· Production of a Yearbook 

· Graduation Buy a Brick 

· Graduation Ceremony in conjunction with the School 

· End of year graduation celebration 

How parents can help 

There are times that we will need to contact parents with requests such as for a kindy photo of your Year 6 child, to compare then and now, or Yearbook orders later in the year. These requests will be circulated to parents individually, but all relevant graduation information and forms will also be kept updated on this page. 

If you would like to be involved or require any further information about the Graduation Committee or graduation events please contact: 

Christine Wardell-Johnson 0417 966 144



Photographs for Yearbook 

An integral part of the Yearbook process is the collection and compilation of photos of all Year 6 events during the year. In order to cover all activities, we need the help of parents and would love you to share any photographs that you may take of Year 6 school events. Please follow this link for further information and to upload photos to the relevant folder. 

Parent Supplied Photographs for the 2018 Graduation Yeardbook

Thank you for taking the time to supply photographs of our Year 6 students for the 2018 Graduation Yearbook. As you can appreciate, it is a big job to coordinate the photographs for the publication, so we are streamlining the process by using available digital resources such as cloud file sharing platforms ie; DROPBOX

On the following page is a table that identifies the major events or areas for which we are seeking photographs. To the right of the event is link. This is a dropbox file request. All you need to do is click on the appropriate link and you will be taken to an upload screen.

Then follow the prompts and navigate to the photo/photos you wish to share and upload them to our folder. It is a very simple process.

To further assist us, we ask that your photographs meet the following criteria:

1. Be a JPEG

2. Be a really good photograph, something that would look awesome in the Graduation Yearbook.

3. Be no more that 300 dpi (dots per inch) in layman terms we don’t want massive size files, if its over 2MB it’s too big.

4. Naming convention is important for us to identify the photograph from the hundred others. Call the JPEG, your name with the date IE: SMITH12022016.jpg

5. Be unique. Uploading lots of similar shots is not necessary, one of each setting is plenty, and we thank you for it. However, feel 
 free to upload more than one photograph for each event. 

If you have any issues, upload the wrong file, or put it in the wrong place, just email the dropbox owner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will fix all. Again our thanks for your support and participation.

YEAR 2018


Year 6 Beach Swimming Lessons

Year 6 Camp

Year 6 Faction Swimming Carnival

Year 6 Interschool Swimming Carnival

Anzac Day Ceremony

Year 6 Music

Year 6 Faction Cross Country

Year 6 Faction Jumps and Throws

Year 6 Japanese Festival

Year 6 Interschool Cross Country

Year 6 Faction Carnival

Year 6 Interschool Jumps and Throws

Year 6 Interschool Carnival Running and Team Games

Year 6 Kindy Photographs

Year 6 Around the School




The Winthrop Primary Independent Public School Board's role is to provide strategic guidance and monitoring of  the school's  performance.  It supports the school in increasing effective autonomy and flexibility to further improve the quality of the whole school program.

School Board Purpose

The School Board assists the Principal in:

  • developing a Delivery and Performance Agreement which sets out the expectations of the school
  • formulating a Business Plan
  • developing the school budget, performance indicators and success measurements
  • reviewing the school's performance
  • reviewing the satisfaction level of parents, staff and students
  • developing the Annual Report
  • reviewing and developing school policies

Click here for the School Board's Terms of Reference


Current Board Members


Don Johnston: Chairman (Parent Representative)



29 KDepKarina Meldrum: Principal
Karina was appointed to Winthrop Primary School in 2003. During this time she has been a classroom teacher, has attained Level 3 Classroom Teacher status, has been the school's Learning Support Coordinator and is currently one of the two Deputy Principals.

Karina has been teaching since 1990 at a number of schools ranging from country to city, Junior Primary school to District High schools. She was in the last cohort of training teachers to graduate from Claremont Teachers' College in 1989.

Karina is the mother of 2 daughters, both of whom are past students of Winthrop Primary School and therefore has enjoyed a long association with the school in both a professional and personal capacity.
Outside of school, Karina is a passionate, proud and loyal supporter of the Fremantle Football Club and attends as many home games as possible.



Julie Carlson: Principal


29 S PittSean Pitt: Parent Representative
Sean Pitt is a Senior Commercial and Engineering Manager with Chubu Australia, a large investor in oil & gas projects and one of the world’s largest buyer of energy globally. Sean has held executive roles within Woodside Energy Ltd and Alcoa Inc. Sean graduated from Murdoch University with an Engineering degree, as well as completing a Commerce degree in Accounting & Finance, a Master of Business Administration (with Distinction) and a Masters of Economics & Human Resources (with Distinction).

Despite having an engineering background, Sean has predominately worked in the commercial, finance and investing areas of the oil and gas sector.
Sean, and his wife Marisa, have lived in Winthrop for the past 10 years, and their daughter Sienna (6) is currently in Winthrop Primary's Year 1 class (A1). Sienna has been attending the school since 2013 (Kindergarten).
For over two years Sean was a Non Executive Director on the Finance and Audit Board of Melville Council as well as being a Non Executive Director on the board of NAPCAN (National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect). Each of these identifies a commitment to empowering and supporting community initiatives. He will bring to Winthrop Primary School his expertise in fundraising, governance and a "strong network" as well as being a genuine supporter of staff in a changing and challenging environment.
Sean and his family actively participate and support the school in all aspects. Given his engineering background, Sean is a strong advocate for the physical sciences in schools and actively encourages the participation of girls in science.

29 Kylie ChatfieldKylie Chatfield: Parent Representative
I grew up in a small coastal town in Tasmania. I love the community feel and missed it greatly when my husband and I moved to Perth 17 years ago. After having children (2 boys ages 3 and 7) one of our desires was to ensure that our children get to experience community culture.

I love being involved in projects that provide exciting and new opportunities for children and the community. I am a local volunteer Joey Scout Leader and I am involved at Winthrop Primary School as a P&C member, class parent representative, and I coordinated/designed the school library makeover (my artistic outlet!). I have also organised other external Winthrop PS family activities such as the annual Easter & Christmas picnics at Piney Lakes.

I have been employed with the Department of Fisheries for the past 17 years, working in many areas (Training/Education, Aquaculture, Fish Diagnostics, Biosecurity, and Commercial Fisheries Management). Through my passion for science and presenting I have facilitated training throughout regional WA and within local communities on Christmas Island and Cocos Keeling Islands. In 2016, I plan to further my educational studies and enroll in the Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary, Science & Maths).

29 Leigh EmmertLeigh Emmert: P&C Representative
Leigh Emmert is a parent to three boys that attend Winthrop Primary School; as of 2016 they are in Kindy, Year 3 and Year 5. She has been involved in the school for the past 3 years as a Class Representative and P&C Secretary. She actively volunteers in our School Canteen and enjoys helping to plan exciting events within the Fundraising Committee.

Before Winthrop and 3 children, Leigh studied Early Childhood Teaching at Edith Cowan University. She began teaching in Preprimary Centres, Childcare Centres and she also spent a year overseas teaching English within a provincial town in Thailand. The Thai students aged in ranges between 5 and 10 years old, with many class sizes reaching over 50 students per class!

After teaching, she moved into a sales role within Random House Publishers in Sydney, and then followed her husband around country Queensland for his work within Port Logistics. They are now happily settled in WA.

Nowadays, when Leigh is not busy juggling school life with three active boys, she unwinds with a camera in hand taking portraits of children including her own.

29 MrsMiguelVivienne Miguel: Teacher Representative
Vivienne was born and raised in Perth, attending local government primary and high schools before graduating from Claremont Teachers College.After graduation she taught at Gnowangerup District High School, before moving on to East Fremantle and Kardinya Primary Schools. During this time she completed her Teachers Higher Certificate, a Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Educational Administration at W.A.I.T (now Curtin University).

Vivienne started at Winthrop Primary School as a foundation staff member in 1991 where she has mainly taught in the middle school from Years 4-6. In this time Vivienne attained Senior Teacher status and took charge of the Science learning area prior to a Science specialist being appointed to the school. She also served on the inaugural Winthrop Primary School Council and various other school committees.

Vivienne has reduced her teaching load to part time in recent years and attends yoga, pilates and gym classes when she is not working and enjoys yearly overseas trips.  


Jenny Cotham: Teacher Representative

Jenny was born in Perth and attended local government schools in the Winthrop area.  She always wanted to be a teacher and after completing her Commerce degree and whilst raising her family she completed her teaching degree and began working at Winthrop Primary School in 2012.

She is a passionate teacher with a keen focus on integrating technology into the classrooms to enhance the teaching and learning opportunities for our Winthrop Students.

She loves her Community Liaison position at Winthrop which enables her to work closely with parents, staff and students to improve communication across the community.

She likes to stay involved in the community and volunteers at her daughters’ school, has been coaching netball for 7 years and and likes to dance in her spare time!


Bernice Tan: Parent Representative

Bernice has lived in Winthrop for 15 years and is a parent to two daughters, with one of them in Year 1 and the other in Kindy at Winthrop Primary School.
With a strong background in Psychology and Languages, she has been teaching since 2007 at a number of schools after graduating from the University of Western Australia. She is passionate about developing language programs, supporting migrant families and communities and providing opportunities for all children to enhance their education experience. 
She used to run her own business and has experience working in children services and serves on numerous committees. She is committed and would like to provide support and contribute to the strategic direction of the school. Her family regularly volunteers with hosting migrant families and students and organizing basketball games for leisure.

Garreth Dirk: Community Representative

Garreth is a former Winthrop Primary School student and now also a proud parent himself. Having fond memories of the exciting opening years of the school, he graduated as school captain moving on to Applecross SHS. Garreth holds a BSc in Computer Science and Grad Dip in Secondary Education (Information Systems & Catholic Education - Accred B) as well as industry specific technical and project management certifications.
Starting out his career as a teacher, Garreth has spent more recent years in Process, Analyst and Infrastructure roles with companies such as Chevron, Clough, Monadelphous, and Amec.  The rationale behind the transition from education to Corporate was to add value to learning by better understanding the progression of students toward industry and gaining first-hand experience the challenges and opportunities.
Given his IT and education background, Garreth has strong interest in the role technology plays in achieving learning outcomes and encourages a balanced approach to utilising technology as one of many tools for supporting learning, problem solving and process improvement. He is proud to again be part of the Winthrop community and its ongoing commitment to learning excellence.

Andrea Edmondson: Parent Representative



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