Expression of Interest for Incoming Sponsorship at Winthrop Primary School.

Winthrop Primary School is an Independent Public School offering local businesses the opportunity to advertise their products and services by sponsoring school publications, facilities, activities or events.

For example, we send out a fortnightly newsletter to 450 families that could feature your business logo. Perhaps you could sponsor a sporting carnival, a graduation award, our Science lab or Music facility. Your ideas for sponsorship are also welcome.

Before completing this document, it is important that you read the documents provided here which are found under the Policies tab on our website.

  • The Department of Education’s Policy for Incoming Sponsorship to Schools
  • The Department of Education’s Contract Document for providing Sponsorship to a Public School

If you are interested in exploring a sponsorship agreement with the school, please complete the EOI found here under the policies tab on the Website. 

and return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or return in person by 4.00pm Wednesday 1st November 2017.

All submitted expressions of interest will receive acknowledgement, consideration and a reply from the School Board. If you would like to discuss your sponsorship idea with the school prior to completing this form, please contact Mark Wirtz, Principal on 9310 6100.