Congratulations to all those who participated, encouraged, organised and supported the Lapathon and the Scooter-a-thon on Friday. 

Please place your money and forms into the wooden box labelled "Lapathon" in the front office. 

Thanks Winthrop Community for yet another great event! 



for Parents and Carers

Wednesday 17th May

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At Winthrop Primary School, we believe that all children have the right to feel safe at all times but we also know as parents, carers and teachers we cannot be with each child every minute of the day.
The physical and emotional impact of bullying, cyber bullying, child abuse and domestic violence is now much better understood. Research consistently shows that teaching children preventive ways of staying safe, such as those described in the protective behaviours program, is an effective way of strengthening children’s ability to recognise danger, seek help and minimise risk.

Winthrop Primary School is committed to teaching every child the protective behaviours program in partnership with you. Parents and carers play a vital role in helping children develop personal safety and resilience skills and it’s very important children hear the same messages at school and home. Working together, we can help our children to recognise unsafe situations and be proactive and confident in their response.

By attending this workshop, you will:

  • learn the key principles of the protective behaviours program

  • understand the positive impact of the protective behaviours program for children

  • discuss how the protective behaviours program is being taught at school and

  • practise activities and ways to speak with your child at home about personal safety that aligns with what they have learnt at school.

DATE:          Wednesday 17th May.
TIME:           6:30pm - 8:30pm
VENUE:        Winthrop Primary School - Library
PRESENTER: Julie Gower, Department of Education.

Please note: Because of the content of this workshop it is not suitable for children to attend. Thank you.

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Intermittent Access to Department of Education Email

We apologise if our teachers or admin have been slow to respond to any email correspondance over the past week or coming days.  The Department of Education is working hard to rectify some technical issues with the email system.  This is affecting our ability to receive and send emails.

Thank you for your understanding.


Thankyou to Penny Ong for organising our first Autism Awareness Day.  The children from all year groups wore blue accessories as a symbol of our awareness and were involved in activities throughout the day that raised awareness and understanding of Autism.  The highlight of the day was having Kate from Bunnings help the the children plant blue flowers around the school.  Thankyou Bunnings for the donation of all of the plants.

For more information about Autism:


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Our School Partnership empowers parents to be part of the learning.

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