Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th of March

Dear Parents,

Our school photo day is coming! This week (Week 6) every student in years 1-6 will receive a Kapture Photography order envelope to bring home. The recommended method of ordering your photos is online through Kapture’s website as your payment is secure and can be easily verified at any time. Alternatively you can pay by cash and return the provided envelope to the school on the photography day. If you place your order online please return your envelope to the photographer on the day.

You have the remainder of the current year to order, 5 days after photography a late fee will apply. Please check the website.

You also have the option to order a sibling photo package online, however please be aware there may be a limited number of sibling orders that can be placed due to time constraints on photo day. We suggest you place your online sibling order the moment you receive your personalised envelopes. 

Kapture offer a money back guarantee for any parent who is not fully satisfied with their photo package. Should you have any queries before or after photo day, please direct them to the Kapture office on 9240 1714 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All students will be photographed individually on photo day for school administra on records AS WELL as included in their class group photo available for purchase to all families. Should there be any reason why your child should NOT be included in the photo shoot –please contact the school office. 

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Thank you to all who have volunteered to help in the canteen. The canteen is able to run smoothly with the help of so many volunteers.

For new families to the school or parents of Pre Primary children, lunches can be ordered through the Our Online Canteen website by setting up an account. Lunches are available Wednesday and Friday, with the canteen being open for ice cream sales as well. Ice creams range from 50c -$2.00. No amount greater than $5 can be changed. From Year 1 the children are able to come to the canteen. Lunches will be delivered to the Pre Primary classes.

Just a reminder to make sure you update existing accounts with the correct class room details for 2018, otherwise the lunches will go to the wrong classrooms.


Megabites menu


The Canteen Committee.

March 13th - 7pm

ThinkUKnow Australia is a cyber safety education program that educates parents, carers and teachers of how people are using technology, the challenges they may face online, and how to help them overcome these in a safe and ethical way.

Winthrop Primary School will be hosting a ThinkUKnow presentation, on 13th March 2017 at 7pm, and all parents, carers, teachers, local community members and friends are encouraged to attend.This event is not appropriate for children to attend.

ThinkUKnow Australia is a partnership between the Australian Federal Police, Microsoft Australia,

Datacom and the Commonwealth Bank. The program is delivered in collaboration with policing partners New South Wales Police Force, Northern Territory Police, Queensland Police, South Australia Police, Tasmania Police, Western Australia Police, as well as Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.

The presentation will be delivered by a local law enforcement member and an industry volunteer. The presentation covers issues relating to children and young peoples’ privacy and security online, their relationships with other users and their online reputation. It provides insight into the devices young people are using, as well as the popular websites, apps and social networking sites they’re accessing.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn more about young people and the online environment, and how you can help them to be safe and responsible users of technology.

For more information, you can visit or contact Jenny Cotham, Community Links Coordinator, Winthrop Primary School (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Our School Partnership empowers parents to be part of the learning.

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