Welcome parents of 2019 

Hi Parents and Caregivers of Year 6 - 2019 !!!

Traditionally the graduating year from Winthrop PS purchase leavers’ shirts, which they wear throughout the year. They are optional; however, the school prefers the shirts to be worn for graduation photos and end of year ceremony.

We have started this process earlier than previous years as we are keen for the students to start wearing their shirts as soon as possible.

The fabric is the same as the Interschool shirts, with a list of the first and surname of each year 6 student on the back.

Sizes are possibly a little different than the current school shirts, so the children are being given the opportunity to try the sizes on.

The shirts will cost $35 each and they will not be sold in the uniform shop. We understand that they are more expensive than normal school shirts, but the students often want to wear them as often as possible. In previous years parents have bought two but this is up to you.

Please return the attached form with the cash or a cheque made payable to Winthrop Primary School P & C to the box in the school office.

Any queries please call Jo Allen on 0422 510 453 Jo Allen, Susie Thong, Shellie Lumsden and Yas H

Leavers Shirts Information and Order Form 2019

Leavers Shirts Specs 2019


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