The Committee

The Graduation Committee is a subsidiary of the P&C and is made up of a number of very enthusiastic Year 6 parents. The Committee is responsible for coordinating a number of events and activities for the graduating Year 6 class. This includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Leavers shirts
  • Production of a Yearbook and DVD
  • Graduation Ceremony in conjunction with the School
  • End of year graduation celebration

How parents can help

There are times that we will need to contact parents with requests such as for a kindy photo of your Year 6 child, to compare then and now, or Yearbook orders later in the year. These requests will be circulated to parents individually but all relevant graduation information and forms will also be kept updated on this page.

Photographs for Yearbook

An integral part of the Yearbook process is the collection and compilation of photos of all Year 6 events during the year. In order to cover all activities, we need the help of parents and would love you to share any photographs that you may take of Year 6 school events. Please follow this link for further information and to upload photos to the relevant folder:

Parent Photography Information 2016

If you would like be involved or require any further information about the Graduation Committee or graduation events please contact:

Christine Wardell-Johnson 0417 966 144

2016 P&C Buy a Brick Initiative

All graduating students have the opportunity to celebrate their time at Winthrop Primary School by purchasing a commemorative graduation brick plaque. Each plaque will record the graduating student’s name on their own individual brick displayed in the undercover area as a permanent record of the students connection with Winthrop Primary School. To order please complete the order slip and return your order form with cash or cheque payment of $50 to the locked box in the School Office before Friday 24th June. Plaques will be unveiled at the end of the year. Proceeds will be used by the Winthrop Primary School P&C to fund various projects around our school.




Kindergarten Photo – Required for Year 6 Graduation

We are writing to ask you to please forward a good quality, original photograph of your child in Kindergarten (or equivalent from 2009) to be used to compare the difference between “then” and “now” for the Year 6 Graduation Book, DVD and Graduation Ceremony slideshow. The “now” photo will be a portrait, head and shoulders shot so it would be ideal if the “then” photo could be also.

We would be most appreciative if photos could be uploaded directly into the Dropbox file. However, if this is not possible, a hardcopy of the photo can be placed in the wooden box in the Office marked ‘Graduation Kindy Photos’. Parents need only to upload the kindy photo as the year six photos have already been collected via Kapture school photography.

Uploading files into Dropbox is very simple and easy to do. Simply enter the above address and follow the onscreen instructions. To assist us we ask that you ensure your photograph meets the following criteria:

1. Be a JPEG.

2. Be no more than 300 dpi (dots per inch). In layman terms we don’t want massive files. If it’s over 2MB it’s too big.

3. Naming convention is important for us to identify the photograph from the hundred others so please call the JPEG, your child’s first and last name with the date ie.YildizVos2009.jpg

If you have any issues, upload the wrong file, or put it in the wrong place, just email the Dropbox owner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will fix all.

If a photo is supplied in hardcopy it will be scanned by a Graduation Committee member, uploaded into Dropbox and then returned as soon as possible. Please supply hardcopy photos in a protective plastic sleeve with your child’s name and class clearly written on the back.

All photos need to be supplied by Friday the 3rd of June.

If you have any queries please contact:

Esther Vos-Poiesz on 043 530 0414 or Collett Richards on 041 359 6265.

2016 Graduation Year Book - FINAL survey for ALL Year 6 students

We are collecting final content for the Graduation Year Book, through a second on-line survey. Your child is simply required to answer five (5) questions and then select the submit answers button. In order for your child’s content to be included in the Year Book, this second and final survey needs to be completed BEFORE the beginning of TERM 4 (i.e. completed over the Term 3/4 break). Please direct your child to the following survey link.