Our school values the vital role parents play in raising successful and well balanced children.  We also understand the challenge and complexity of effective parenting.  To assist parents please find below attachments from 'Parenting Ideas'. These publications provide a range of parenting support information and ideas:

iParent - Help for parents regarding online behaviours  

Protective Behaviours WA   

The Language of Resilient Families

Tough Love

Nurture Your Child's Thinking Skills

Don't Be Daft about Minecraft

Getting Kids To School On Time

Why Finishing 4th Beats Winning

The Power of the Kitchen Table

The New Strict Parent - is this you!

Keeping the Spirit of Generosity Alive

True Grit - helps kids succeed

Parent Involvement - the secret ingredient to children's school success

Reduce our national sleep debt

13. Managing kids who won't take no for an answer

14. Helping students get ready for NAPLAN

15. Healthy Ways for kids to Manage their Emotions

16. Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

17. Choose to Hug: Information and suggestions to Parents

18. From the Sandpit to Adulthood, with Maggie Dent

Supporting Your Children to Become Avid Readers

Literature plays an important part in developing a wide range of academic skills and life lessons about morality and empathy.

It is never too early to start, and young children who grow up hearing nursery rhymes, poems, fables and classic tales are being given a great start to their learning and social skills.

The following links are useful websites in helping parents support their children.

Click here for 'Raising Avid Readers' presentation information.

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents"
Emily Buchwald

Our School Partnership empowers parents to be part of the learning.

Growwith Us

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