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Winthrop Primary School introduced this exciting new specialist subject area in 2016 with a lot of positive feedback and eagerness to continue the program across Pre-Primary to Year 6 in 2017 and beyond.

The benefits of children studying and being involved in The Arts has been recognised by the Australian Curriculum and our Winthrop Community. This learning area has been thoroughly researched with outstanding reports. Results have shown that students achieve higher results academically, have greater self efficacy and have proven to work more collaboratively from exposure to Drama and the essential skills it teaches.

The program allows students to participate in one class lesson a week, excursion opportunities to theatres (linking to other learning areas), involvement with interactive in-school activities, providing teaching and learning support for teachers in their classrooms, fundraising for charity and participating in Book Week festivities and other celebrations.

Our Drama teacher (Anna Stanton) has also introduced the specialist theatre troupe named W.I.L.D (Winthrop Integrated Learning through Drama) whereby students from Year 5 and 6 audition for a place amongst 30+ students, to work with her in a team to create original performances and experiences for the year. The troupe rehearses every Wednesday after school as well as extra lessons where more rehearsals are needed. Last year, WILD Troupe performed at the Crown Theatre in the WAGSMS with a musical theatre item, performed on stage for our community several times during Book Week, Street Performers Week and Assembly items. This has been a great asset to our school program and will continue to grow.

In the coming years Winthrop Primary School has recognised, our most important national resource will be human resources. If we are to continue to meet the challenges of the future, today's schools need to develop creative leaders.

This is what our Performing Arts and Music Programs seek to do for our children.

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