Physical Education

Physical Education

All students at Winthrop PS complete two hours of physical education a week. 55 mins are with the Physical Education Specialist. 55 mins are spent with classroom teachers for Year Sport. Students also participate in a number of faction sports carnivals at school.


Winthrop students from Years PP-2 work on a variety of fundamental movement skills (FMS) as outlined by the West Australian Curriculum. The introduction, proficiency and mastery of these skills are outlined in the Fundamental Movement Sequence table from the DOE.


To learn whether your child(ren) are at level for Fundamental Movement Skills check out these handy videos from the Department of HPE in NSW:


Faction Captains and Fitness Leaders 


The Faction Captain Leaders nominate themselves and speak in front of peers at Year 6 Camp. The respective candidates are then voted in by their peers with 2 leaders for each faction elected. Faction Captain’s roles include facilitating Sport Carnivals, setting up year Sport, and loaning out equipment during recess and lunch. Fitness Leaders play an important role in running morning fitness sessions for nominated classes. 


A morning fitness elective program is run for 10 minutes at the start of the day by our resident fitness coach Dot Davies. Fitness activities are run by our Fitness Leaders who both set up and run the 10- minute activities.   

Physical Literacy


It’s time to build a more active Australia and get more Australians moving more often. The physical and mental benefits of being active throughout our lives are well established, yet as a
nation, we are moving less than ever. Awareness is not enough. We need to go back to basics, to refocus on the fundamental skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to lead healthy active lives.  

Evidence shows that developing the necessary skills early in life, leads to increased participation in sport and physical activity throughout life. It is critical our children grow up learning to run, throw, kick, catch and jump and develop the confidence and motivation to put these basic skills into practice every day.  

Learn more about Physical Literacy and how it will help improve your life and that of your child(ren) at Sports Australia here.


Sporting Clubs


There are also several sporting clubs that run on school grounds and in the local area. Please see the front office if you are interested in enrolling your child in any before school or after school activities.  

“Learn and Grow Together”

Faction and Interschool Sports


Winthrop students from Years 1-5 have two weeks of swimming lessons. Year 6 cohort swimming lessons run over a week at Cottesloe Beach and are generally held before or after school camp in Term 1. The Faction and Interschool Carnivals are held for students years 4-6 in term 1 each year.  


In term 1, students from years 5 and 6 participate in an interschool cricket carnival with local schools at Tompkins Park run by the WACA staff and SEDA students. Winthrop PS has made it to the state Finals in both 2019 and 2020 in their first two years. In 2020 they came runner up to the eventual winners Attadale PS.

Cross Country

Winthrop students from year 1-6 participate in our faction cross country carnival in Term 2. Students years 4-6 represent the school at the interschool carnival at the start of Term 3. We are hoping to start up a running club. If you know of anyone who is interested please let our office or Physical Education specialist know. 

Winter Sports (Eagles Cup)

During Term 3, students from years 5 & 6 compete in competitive interschool sport in soccer, AFL and netball for the Eagles Cup. Winthrop PS competes over a period of 5 weeks with local schools from the Melville District Interschool Sports Association (MDISSA). Winthrop has a proud history of success in all winter sports thanks to connections with strong sporting clubs in the area.


Term 3 is an Athletics focused term. Athletics can be divided into three main categories. 1. Jumps and Throws, 2. Running and Relays, and, 3. Team Games. The Faction Athletics carnival is held at the end of Term 3 and sees Factions battle it out for dominance. Factions include Wattle, Banksia, Casuarina and Tuart. The MDISSA Interschool Athletics Carnival is held at the start of Term 4.  


During Term 4, upper primary students participate in the Multicultural Netball Carnival held at the State Netball Centre. In 2020 two teams won their division outright. We have a strong and proud history of developing quality netballers along with our local Winthrop Netball Club. We have had several boy and girl netballers go onto the successful Melville SHS netball development program. 

Learn and Grow Together.