Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

Positive Behaviour Support

Winthrop Primary School is a WAPBS (Positive Behaviour Support) school. We are guided by our 4 behaviour expectations of Care, Respect, Responsibility and Achievement, as outlined in our school-wide behaviour matrix.


We are committed to providing an inclusive, stimulating and innovative learning environment in which all students are supported to strive for excellence and achieve their potential.


We are proactive in managing student behaviour and use a restorative approach to ensure students are safe and understand how their behaviour impacts themselves and others, and to guide them to be accountable for their actions.


At Winthrop, staff use positive reinforcement, verbal praise and our school-wide acknowledgement system, where students are given tokens to reinforce positive behaviours. The tokens allow the students to achieve individual success whilst working towards a common goal for the whole school.

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    We care about and look after ourselves, other people and our environment.


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    We show regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others because everyone has the right to be respected.


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    We are accountable and take responsibility for our own actions.


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    We know success is not always about simply achieving the goal but is also about the important learning you do along the way.


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